Yoga: what types of Yoga exist and how to choose yours?

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Yoga is a universal practice in which everyone will find something for themselves. I investigated what types of yoga exist and made a list with a description so that you can find the option that will bring you the most pleasure!

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga: What Types Exist And How To Choose Yours?

This type of yoga has a certain similarity to aerobics, so everyone who likes active training will especially like it. Such classes just can not be boring! Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga has nine dynamic asanas flow one from the other without stopping, periodically repeating. It is important to pay special attention to breathing, try to fully relax and concentrate only on exercises.

Kundalini Yoga

girl doing yoga in the room with the flowers

The main goal of Kundalini yoga is awakening and strengthening internal energy. During the class, you will feel that the strengthful, cheerful and energetic. It also restores the emotional balance. If you feel impotent and exhausted, be sure to pay attention to this type of yoga.

Hatha yoga

two girls doing yoga and stretching

If you like to stretch and do flexibility exercises, you will definitely like hatha yoga. It allows you to develop muscles and improves stretching, but during exercises, you will have to sweat a little – asanas require good physical training. As a result, only 1-2 classes per week will make you more calm and balanced.

Bikram Yoga (Hot yoga)

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This type of yoga is called hot, because the training takes place in the hall, heated to 40.5 ° C. People practice in such condition because its similar to the Indian climate. At high temperatures, the elasticity of muscles improves, and the body gets rid of toxins and extra pounds more easily. Bikram Yoga consists of 26 asanas and two breathing exercises.

Yin yoga

girl doing yoga on the pink mat

This type of yoga will appeal to girls who want to relax and disconnect from everyday tasks. Training takes place at a slow pace in a sitting or lying position. In each asana, you need to stay for about five minutes, and most importantly when performing exercises – your comfort and sense of relaxation. But you should not forget about measured breathing.

Aerial (Fly) yoga

girl with red hair doing fly yoga

This type of yoga is also called Fly or Aero-Yoga. All thanks to a special hammock, in which classes are held. Throughout the workout, you will be able to thoroughly pump a variety of muscles, stretch them and improve your flexibility, and all this without undue stress and strain on the spine. A great option for anyone suffering from back problems.

Final thoughts about your yoga: what types exist and how to choose yours?

There are a lot of types of yoga and you can choose the one which will suits you more. Each type of yoga has its advantages and goals. But no matter which one you will choose – above all, it will change your life and bring more happiness and calmness in your life and this is important because our busy lifestyle forces us to have such type of activity when we can disconnect from this noisy world!

Yoga: What Types Of Yoga Exist And How To Choose Yours?

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