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Your Social Role and 5 ways to change it

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Many people have become hostages of their social role. As a rule, the role goes to childhood: clever, prankster, quiet … As we grow older, we get used to a certain model of behavior that the surrounding society begins to dictate – family, colleagues, friends.

However, due to the chosen role, many abandon their true desires and feelings, giving a choice to more familiar things that actually do not allow you to open up and be yourself. Because of this suppression, people do not seem to live their own lives. In this case, there is no happiness and a sense of satisfaction.

Fortunately, you can refuse a boring role. Usually, this decision is pushed by the “alien” life itself. Lack of self-esteem, a constant feeling of dissatisfaction, excessive aggression, and irritability – all these signs indicate the need to release your inner “self”. Below are five steps to open up and become yourself.

1. Understand what puts you in the frame and fetters

It’s quite difficult to notice that we are controlled by the chosen role. The boundaries between the role and the real person are almost invisible, and not everyone can try to look at themselves from the side.

Pay attention to what attracts your attention to others. For example, a quiet excellent student can secretly envy the main loser, and one who has always been considered a quiet person can listen to the flaming scandal with understanding and approval. This interest is a consequence of the fact that we usually have to restrain and suppress certain emotions in order not to get out of the role. Consider this as the behavior you would like to try.

2. Explore your Social role

Find the reason why you stick to it and understand what it is preventing. For example, you have learned not to show your feelings and almost always remain silent, because you are afraid of rejection and rejection of your thoughts. However, because of this, you almost do not participate in conversations and have a reputation as a boring, uncommunicative person.

Remember that any role has both disadvantages and advantages. It is important to understand what you need: the benefits that the role gives you, or what you get by abandoning it.

3. Discover your desires

Try to understand what you really want. It can be universal recognition, fame, a large circle of communication, solitude – that is what your present “self” desires. Then determine which aspects and characteristics of the accepted role prevent you from achieving what you want.

4. Change

Having determined what exactly you want and what blocks the path to this, try on new models of behavior. Be prepared for the fact that not everyone will like the changes in your behavior. However, the main thing is to understand how comfortable you are in the updated image.

5. Take your time

It is important to realize that changes in character cannot happen overnight. It’s not easy to give up the image that you have been adhering to for years. Notice the little things that indicate changes in the right direction – they will tell you a lot. Allow yourself to feel the new role, try it.

Final thoughts on how to change the social role

The abandonment of the familiar image cannot be easily and without difficulties, but as a result, you will feel that you have finally found yourself. Motivate yourself, visualize yourself, don’t be afraid to change – and you will succeed!

Your Social Role And 5 Ways To Change It

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