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8 Ways to cheer up after a sleepless night

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Spent a sleepless night because you were finishing a presentation for a meeting at work? Or your neighbors had a noisy party until three in the morning? Whatever happens there, now you are thinking about how to recover from a sleepless night and hold out until the end of the day in the office …

To fight with fatigue, you need a good strategy and tactics. Use eight simple ways in which you can increase your energy and increase your brain performance.

1. Drink more water

One way to prevent your eyes from closing is to maintain hydration. Drink plenty of water, ideally eight glasses a day. Dehydration increases fatigue and causes drowsiness. Just don’t drink energy drinks – they can quickly help you not fall asleep, but as soon as their effect passes, you will feel more tired than usual.

If it’s hard for you to drink water and you always forget to do this, the water tracker is the best solution! Get your free printable water tracker ( with 5 different designs ) here!

2. Eat the right food

Although you might think that consuming sugar will give you energy and keep you awake all day, it’s not the truth. This will give you only a short-term impulse, but, as in the case of energy drinks, as soon as this impulse fades, you will feel lethargic, even more, tired and sleepy. It is best to eat foods that provide energy – such as eggs, fish, leafy greens, beans, and nuts.

3. Drink coffee

Before you go to work, drink a daily dose of hot coffee. Caffeine can help you recharge your batteries and improve your memory! But do not overdo it, because an overdose of caffeine can cause headaches and tachycardia.

Also, don’t drink coffee late in the evening if you plan to go to bed early. Caffeine stays in your body for about five hours, and if your body is still full of energy due to caffeine, you will not have a restful sleep.

4. Turn on the air conditioner

The stuffiness in the workplace increases fatigue, so if you turn on the air conditioning, you will feel more cheerful. The reason cold helps us stay awake is that our body reacts to it and begins to “work” to warm us. The body will do everything possible to regulate body temperature to a level at which our internal organs function most efficiently.

5. Listen to the music

Select your favorite playlist. Listening to your favorite tunes helps stimulate the brain, making you feel more alive. If possible, sing along or dance to the beat. Your colleagues will understand you, maybe 🙂

6. Stay in the sun

Sunlight can make your body believe that it should be awake when it feels tired. Moreover, the sun will help blood circulation, help you feel more energetic throughout the day. If possible – sometimes go outside to breathe fresh air and enjoy the summer warmth.

7. Do not miss the opportunity to take a nap

A 15-20-minute rest can significantly increase your performance, so many large companies give their employees the opportunity to sleep a bit in the office (and some even have special sleeping capsules!).

Take a nap during the lunch break or between 13:00 and 15:00 – you can suddenly find a quiet sofa and understanding colleagues. If you can sleep in transport – use your ability on the way to work. You will feel much more alive.

8. Move

Making your body move is very important. Walking, jumping, push-ups from the walls – all this can be done in any room. Such mini-workouts in the office will help your blood flow faster and give your brain more oxygen.

Final thoughts on how to cheer up after a sleepless night: 8 ways to help you feel better

It’s better to have a restful sleep every night, but sometimes we have situations when we can’t. This can be a deadline at work or just a long flight. Therefore you need to know to recover and feel better as soon as possible.

These 8 tips will help you to survive at least until the end of the day.

8 Ways To Cheer Up After A Sleepless Night

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