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Green tea and black tea – healthy properties

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Tea is one of the drinks that people all over the world love. Leaves of Camellia sinensis is the source of both varieties of tea. The main difference between black tea and green tea is that the first is fermented, and the second is not.

In the manufacture of black tea, the leaves of the plant are folded in a special way and exposed to fresh air. This allows causing an oxidative process. It gives the leaves a characteristic dark brown color and a pleasant aroma.

The process of making green tea is very different. Green tea leaves are fried to prevent the oxidation process. That is why green tea is always much lighter than black.

Lets find out which one is more beneficial for health – black or green one.

Useful properties of black and green tea

black tea with camomile

Despite the fact that black and green tea have some differences, both of these drinks can have the same positive effect on the human body in some aspects.

Improve heart function

Both green and black tea contain flavonoids, which are a subgroup of polyphenols. These substances have antioxidant properties.

Green tea contains a higher volume of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), and in black – theaflavins.

According to scientists, flavonoids contained in black and green teas are able to protect the heart muscle from a number of negative factors.

Scientists also found that both of the above products can lower the level of triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol. An analysis of 10 other studies showed that regular use of black and green tea, in addition to all of the above, can lower blood pressure.

With daily consumption of green tea ( 1 to 3 cups per day), the risk of stroke is reduced by 19-36 percent. Regular consumption of black tea in the same volumes reduces the risk of heart disease by 11 percent.

Improves brain function

Black and green tea contains one of the most popular brain stimulants – caffeine. The content of this substance in one cup of green tea is approximately 35 mg, while a cup of black tea may contain from 39 to 109 milligrams.

Caffeine can stimulate the nervous system by blocking adenosine, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. In addition, this substance helps to increase the production of serotonin and dopamine – neurotransmitters that improve mood. Due to this, caffeine can improve mood, provide a sense of vitality, improve response, and increase the level of attention.

It is important to note that in addition to caffeine, both types of tea contain an amino acid called L-theanine, which you will not find in coffee!!! According to scientists, when ingested, this substance triggers the release of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which provides relaxation of the body and a slight sense of anxiety. Moreover, this element also stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine.

According to researchers, L-theanine increases the effectiveness of caffeine, while at the same time neutralizing its negative effect.

That is why scientists recommend drinking tea to those people who want to improve their brain function while avoiding the negative effects of caffeine.

Distinctive features of green tea

green tea

Scientists claim that green tea is the best source of a powerful antioxidant – EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). It is the most important component of this drink, which has a positive effect on the body.

Key benefits of EGCG include:

  • decreased activity of cancer cells and the possibility of their destruction;
  • a decrease in the negative impact of amyloid plaques formed in individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease;
  • increased stamina;
  • protecting the liver from the negative effects of high-fat foods
  • improvement of the immune system due to the destruction of the cell walls of harmful bacteria and viruses;
  • decreased irritability.

Distinctive features of black tea

Black tea has a high content of theaflavins, which are from 3 to 6 percent of the total polyphenols in this drink. Scientists report that theaflavins are beneficial to human health due to their antioxidant properties.

According to research data, these substances are able to protect fat cells from the negative effects of free radicals. They are also contributing to the production of natural antioxidants by the body. In addition, theaflavins can also improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

When conducting research, it was found that these substances contained in black tea significantly reduce the risk of cholesterol plaque formation on the walls of blood vessels. It also reduces inflammatory processes and increases access to nitric oxide, which increases the patency of blood vessels.

Among other useful properties of theaflavins, scientists single out the ability to lower blood sugar and total cholesterol.

Moreover, this substance is also able to accelerate the process of fat breakdown, which is why it is often recommended in the treatment of obesity.

In this case, theaflavins have the same antioxidant effect as the polyphenols contained in green tea.

Which tea is more useful?

Green and black tea have a similar effect on the human body. They are able to equally improve the state of blood vessels.

Most studies have shown that green tea is a stronger antioxidant than black. But the results of a recent study showed the same effect of both teas.

It is also worth paying attention to the caffeine contained in these drinks. Despite the fact that the content of this substance in black tea is higher, green tea due to L-theanine eliminates the negative effects of caffeine and enhances its properties.

When drinking tea, it is important to consider that both types of this drink contain tannins. It reduces the level of absorption of minerals. In this regard, tea, whether black or green, should be consumed between meals.

Final thoughts on green tea and black tea – healthy properties

Black and green teas are equally beneficial to human health. They can improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of developing heart diseases and improve brain function.

Despite the fact that green tea has more powerful antioxidant properties, research results show that black tea has the same effectiveness.

These two types of tea contain caffeine and L-theanine – substances that are natural stimulants of the brain.

So both black and green teas are good elements of healthy balanced diet.

Do you love tea? Do you prefer black or green one?

Green Tea And Black Tea - Healthy Properties

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