Dream Visualization

Dream visualization: How does it work?

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What is dream visualization? How does it work? What can you achieve if you allow yourself to plunge into the world of dreams?

Most people do not realize the full significance of their thoughts and how they can affect our lives. After all, every time you think about something, worry about something, you are programming your future. And thinking about something good, you attract positive events into your life. This is described in detail in the world-famous documentary “Secret”.

Most popular celebrities have been using visualization techniques for a long time and get a lot of good from life.

It is very important to understand that the correct visualization of your dreams in your head contributes to its speedy implementation. Turn on your imagination, use your creativity and dream always and everywhere! The ability to visualize along with work on oneself gives tremendous results! Thus, you can succeed in all areas of life – in a career, in personal relationships, in health, in finance, etc.

A few important points to know

  • All events that happen in our lives are born in our minds.
  • By visualizing, you increase the energy of thought. If you worry about something that has not happened yet, you bring to life the worst-case scenario of this event.
  • Formulating intentions in your imagination, you give the command to your brain. Just think about it, the computer or phone you are using right now, was just someone else’s imagination some time ago. The success of Steve Jobs appeared as a result of his desire to change the world and he did it!
  • Visualization helps to get rid of many of our disadvantages. You can overcome stiffness, stop blaming circumstances, remove all the barriers that you have in your head. Visualization is able to change our thinking, and therefore our life!

A visualization of a dream is as real as anything else

Our brain perceives information in the same way, regardless of where it came from – from our subconscious, or from the outside world. Agree, this is impressive!

Thus, neuron connections are created in the brain based on the content of the received information. Further, the images are embodied in reality.

Many people are inspired not only by images but also by feelings or sounds. It doesn’t matter which organ helps you visualize, the main thing is to understand that visualization is absolutely real.

Visualization techniques

One of the most effective visualization methods is the Silva Method. The technique is simple and affordable – close your eyes and dream, dream, dream… Imagine what you would like in your life, draw this image in your head, try to feel yourself next to the subject of your desire!

  • Clearly define what you want! This is a very important point – the ability to correctly draw the desired in your head.
  • Believe that your dream is reachable! It is necessary to realize that nothing is impossible and to discard all internal contradictions. The energy of thought becomes weaker under the influence of thoughts such as “I can’t do this.”
  • Relax and drop all worries. After all, if you are concerned about something, then your consciousness will begin to reproduce the negative images that are associated with the subject of concern.
  • Set your goal correctly! If you close your eyes and dream about it, you experience a blissful feeling, become immersed in a state of euphoria, then the goal is chosen correctly. If you do not experience this, think about the fact that maybe this is not your dream and should it be let go?
  • Watch your emotions! Find sources of inspiration that will give you joy and inspire enthusiasm. Accumulate positive emotions and direct all this flow of energy to visualize your dreams.
  • Use affirmations. Pronounce them during visualization, feel every word you say!

Final thoughts on dream visualization

Practice this method before bedtime. Then your subconscious will have a whole night ahead in order to process the information and your dreams will gradually begin to come true.

So dream and enjoy life!

Dream Visualization: How Does It Work?

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