Back in 2019, I realized that I want to change something in my life. But what I need to change, how I can do this? These questions haunted me, but I couldn’t find the answer …

The goal was to understand what I want from my life, where I see myself in a couple of years, trite questions, right?

I wanted to change my work, well, not just to change, I like my work, but there was a feeling that there is something else that could bring me pleasure and at the same time pay my bills.

I am a software engineer and my whole life is about tasks, sprints, deadlines, planning, and all sorts of other management methodologies.

And the answer came unexpectedly. I was looking in the wrong place.

Planning, Organizing and Learning!

The simplest thing ever! Yeaaa, It may seem so…

Long story short – I found myself. I discovered things that I really enjoy and this blog is the main “discovery”. I am moving towards my goals. I reach them, set new ones, so now my life is not only about planning, but also about movement. After all, plans and dreams always remain plans and dreams if you do not move.

This place (WealthyEir.com) where I will share interesting tactics, questions, books and everything that will definitely help you in discipline, understanding yourself, achieving your goals. 

Here you will even see issues of nutrition and sports, they are not the most basic ones – but I write what I tried on myself, what works and what doesn’t.

We will not be able to move if we do not have the strength and health, both psychological and physical!

If you are looking for a way to become a better version of yourself (and the search for opportunity is already your movement in the right direction), then you are in the right place! Everything you find here will certainly benefit you!

With love, your WealthyEir…