5 Reasons To Get Up Early, Confirmed By Science

5 reasons to get up early, confirmed by science

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The early birds are more successful and active, scientists say. So let’s find out what benefits early morning gives to us and why we should change our habits.

Why it’s important to get up early

1. You will get a better chance of career success

According to studies, people whose peak activity occurs in the early morning are more productive during the workday.

Night owls at the same time, as a rule, are more intelligent, creative, and sociable, but desynchronization with the office schedule prevents the full manifestation of these qualities. Larks are energetic throughout the entire working day, and research associates their activity with higher wages.

2. You will be healthier

People who get up early have more time to prepare for the beginning of the active part of the day. This allows them to do exercises, not skip breakfast and to think through a sequence of actions.

Studies show that those who get up early, cope with the morning routine faster. And people who ignore the alarm are at risk of getting stress or depression. Scientists attribute this to the fact that larks are less nervous in the morning.

3. You will stop procrastinating

Whoever gets up early does not put off important tasks for later. This is closely related to the high level of activity in the morning. And high efficiency gives the larks a quality carefree sleep, which further increases their productivity.

This has been confirmed by research more than once. For example, as part of an experiment involving Canadian students, a connection was established between late ups and low self-control.

4. You will be slimmer

Studies show that early birds are much more likely to stay slim. In Australia, they studied the experience of 2,200 young people and found that owls are one and a half times more likely to be obese, two times less physically active and almost three times more sitting in front of a TV or computer than doctors recommend.

According to the Northwestern University of the United States, those who get up late, often choose fast food, consume fewer fruits and vegetables, and eat an average of 248 kcal more.

5. You will enjoy life more

Life satisfaction is one of the important factors that measure well-being. And scientists managed to find out that those who get up early are much more satisfied with their existence than the ones who get up late.

The studies were conducted in different countries, including Spain and Poland. It turned out that satisfaction with the life of larks is higher everywhere, regardless of culture and geographical location.

How to turn an owl into a lark

At first glance, we are talking about natural biological rhythms that cannot be corrected. However, researchers claim that you can re-educate yourself.

Only 50% of our tendencies to be an owl or an early bird are determined by genetics. The rest is a matter of discipline.

According to the professor of biology Christoph Randler, it is difficult to radically transform your biological rhythms, but everyone can change the schedule of sleep and wakefulness for at least an hour. To do this, you need to gradually shift the time of falling asleep and lifting to the right side.

For more significant changes, he recommends early walks. Daylight reprograms the biological clock, shifting activity in the morning. At the same time, evening walks have the opposite effect.

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Final thoughts on 5 reasons to get up early, confirmed by science

Honestly, I truly believe that starting your day earlier give you a lot of benefits. Personally, I start my day at 5 am – 6 am. Even on weekends.

I used to get up at 9-10 am almost whole my life – it was super hard for me to get up earlier. And also I was sleepy and in a bad mood almost all morning.

But one day I decided to change this and give a try. I woke up at 6 am. It was hard, but I noticed how my day changed. The next day I woke up at 5 am. And this is amazing. I have time for my morning things – meditation, exercises, blog, and tea. Now its 7 am already and I’m writing this article for you.

So my personal opinion – it’s not soo hard to change your routine, but when you will notice the benefits which early morning give to you – you will always get up early and happy!

5 Reasons To Get Up Early, Confirmed By Science

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