12 Ways To Change Your Life When You Feel Powerless

12 ways to change your life when you feel powerless

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What to do when you feel powerless? This feeling is probably familiar to you: 10 in the morning, you have already drunk 3 cups of coffee, and in your head instead of any normal thoughts you have a complete mess. You are exhausted – physically, mentally, and emotionally – and absolutely indifferent to what you used to enjoy. Motivation? Forget it. Irritability? Oh yeah. Caring for health and wellness? In the trash.

For some reason, it is assumed that the conquest of new heights and the sheer exhaustion do not go without each other. Nothing like this. Emotional burnout is not a sign of success, it is the way in which our body unambiguously hints that it is time to slow down.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Henry Ford

Henry Ford’s famous quote here is most welcome.

Habitual ways of bringing yourself back to life take just a few minutes – this can be a double dose of espresso or another layer of concealer under the eyes, but how many real benefits are there? Yes, a fundamental change in life takes much more time, but in the end, all efforts justify themselves. This is an investment in your health and well-being, so it’s worth taking them seriously.

These 12 tips will help maybe not completely transform your life, but in any case, make it much more pleasant.

1. Sleep well

Our body is a mechanism. The beautiful and incredibly complex system that needs care and rest. When you quit your job, you turn off the computer every day, just as your body and mind need.

Research says that good sleep helps the brain get rid of toxins that accumulate during the day, which is why seven or eight hours of good rest are incredibly important for mental and physical health. Your task is to gradually bring the daily duration of sleep to this level. 30 minutes more rest every day is easy, right?

Check this post for a better understanding of why we need to sleep and the consequences of lack of sleep.

2. Think about what and how to eat

In order to make your food meaningful, you need practice. This applies especially to those who are accustomed to snacking on the run, in parallel dialing the answer to the next letter and constantly being distracted by phone calls. The practice of conscious nutrition helps to understand what you eat and what benefits it brings to your body. A simple relationship with hunger is replaced by a healthy relationship with food.

Research results show that this approach to nutrition significantly improves mood, reduces stress levels, helps to develop healthy eating habits, and even lose weight.

3. Consume less caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that irritates your already weak nervous system. When you are anxious, tense or even on the verge of hysterics, another cup of coffee can cheer up, but not for a long time. Instead, try other, milder ways to cheer up and recharge your batteries: exercise or meditation.

If morning without coffee is not a joy to you, make your relationship with this drink as conscious as possible. Savor the flavor and enjoy the taste of the drink, sipping it from your favorite mug. After some time it may turn out that this ritual is much more important than the coffee itself.

4. Start moving and do not stop

Movement is not only a powerful tool for improving mood and reducing stress but also a proven effective way to preserve excellent memory and mental skills in general.

You can deal with stress with the help of physical activity: every minute spent on yoga, jogging or cycling becomes a contribution to the fight against stress.

A simple morning exercise sets the pace for the day and helps to focus on important tasks. Needless to say, successful people prefer to train in the morning. Start at least 10 minutes of moderate physical activity per day and gradually increase its duration to the recommended half hour.

5. Remember: the best rest is silence

Yes, yes, yes, not a single article about changing life cant be without a mention of meditations. Well, but what to do if it really works? About 80% of visits to doctors are somehow related to the effects of stress, can you imagine how terrible waste of time and money is? Even more striking is the fact that we can reduce all these costs with the help of … correctly, meditations.

These practices help to cope with stress, strengthen the immune system, improve sleep and feel truly happy. Just five minutes of such relaxation will make the day much more joyful. Another bonus: regularly meditating people think rationally and experience less anxiety when life throws in the next surprises.

6. Care about your skin

It’s simple: happy skin – you are happy. Of course, the consolidation of this habit is no different from others, it also takes time. The concealer will hide the traces of fatigue in two seconds, but real changes in the state of the skin always go from the inside, slowly but surely.

Choose something that will bring real benefits to the body, be it cosmetics or food. Just repeat all the necessary procedures in the morning and in the evening – after a while, you will notice that the skin shines with health and the mood is not so gloomy. It’s simple, but it works.

You can find more information on how to make your skin beautiful and healthy without expensive procedures and creams here.

7. Feed the soul, not the ego

Everything is simple: do what pleases you. Not all our achievements fill the soul with joy. Regular fatigue at work can be useful, but ultimately it leads to exhaustion of far from infinite reserves of the body. The benefits of this behavior are less than those of regular rest and relaxation.

Just buy shoes that you wanted, eat ice cream at lunchtime and watch old movies on the weekends. The majority of your actions should have one and only one reason: it brings joy. You do this not because this is another item on the to-do list. Because this will bring you joy.

8. Trust your intuition

Before making important decisions, listen to your feelings: the body often tells you what we need, even before we realize it. Take a break if you are tired. Go somewhere if the soul asks for a change.

In short, when something goes wrong, first ask about the reasons for yourself. It will take some time to learn to listen to your inner voice. Just be distracted from all worries, take a break and honestly answer what you feel now. Most likely you already knew what you really want. You only need to stop and listen to yourself.

9. Break the usual order of things

Set yourself a task at least once a week to try something completely new. It’s not necessary to immediately take on something large-scale – just go to work the other way. Even such a seemingly trifle is an unusual experience. It helps to open the mind to new ways of thinking and perception, which, in turn, will make you a little bit happier.

10. Create yourself a comfortable environment

The first stage of creating healthy relationships is a responsible approach to what and with whom you fill your life. Yes, the prospect of turning life-threatening relationships into pleasurable and comfortable can be frightening at first, especially when it comes to friendship, family, food, work, or yourself. Nevertheless, it is important.

Analyze all your connections and notice how they contribute to your life and well-being.

Those who are responsible for choosing an environment are often more confident in making decisions.

11. Learn new things

The process of obtaining new knowledge makes us happy, it is a fact. This also helps to extend our life and make it more interesting and rich. Want to start small – learn to knit, for example.

The web is full of training videos, so you can master this simple work without even getting out of bed. If you are attracted to big goals, go to three-month web design courses. Whatever you decide to do, the brain, in any case, will be deeply grateful to you.

12. Start keeping a diary

Relieving tension, developing creative abilities, increasing self-confidence and a charge of inspiration for achieving goals is a simple exercise and so much use. If this is difficult, you should not immediately make a commitment to write something every day. What is important is the process of creating the text, and not how many times you do this, so for a start, you can limit yourself to a couple of times per week.

Set a timer, give yourself a simple topic, for example, “What do I expect from this day,” and write whatever you think. Believe me, in the end, you will look forward to these sessions.

Final thoughts on 12 ways to change your life when you feel powerless

Sometimes we get very tired, sometimes fatigue lasts for days and it’s not clear how to relax.

But the solution of seemingly global problems is often quite simple. Go to work another way, or eat ice cream for lunch. Trite and even funny, but it works. Give small things a chance to change your life!

12 Ways To Change Your Life When You Feel Powerless

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